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Please can you add fish and chips to the kids menu? I've had to order the small adults one and it's too much for my son to eat.

Paul, 08 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thank you for your comments. We add kids fish in kids meal today and from now on you can order kids fish .

Always fantastic service by friendly staff and lovely food at affordable price

Sharon, 01 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thank you so much and hope to see you soon

Could not find a way to use loyalty points??

Tony, 23 Jun 2020

  Reply : At the moment we are not using loyalty points. But will be doing it in the future again .I hope that helps .

Good as usual

Gwen, 18 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thank you

Great chippy decent prices for quality food.

Sharon, 17 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thank you we are happy you enjoyed your meal .and see you next time

Brilliant chippy

Brian Anderson, 07 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thank you Brian for your feedback ?

Tried to use my loyalty points as they are soon to be discontinued but couldn’t work out how to do it online - there doesn’t seem to be an option

Verna, 05 Jun 2020

  Reply : Hi there we don't do loyalty points for now as the web company made mistake and send all costumer email tel in them to use loyalty points as we don't do it for now sorry againg thanks.

good service

Paul Orrock, 05 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thank you

great service

Paul, 05 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thank you

Always a good takeaway. My Grandson's favourite when he comes to stay.

Heather, 30 May 2020

  Reply : Happy you always enjoyed or food with your grandsons ??

Great service and quality food perfect for this difficult lockdown time thanku

Graham, 30 May 2020

  Reply : Thank you for your honesty

We have often ordered from your chippy and have always been very happy with your great food! Today we have had pizza crunch supper cheese burger meal deal and a large chicken kebab. I have to say the pizza crunch was great a very generous helping of chips with it also. The large chicken kebab was a slight disappointment tonight I have ordered this regularly in the past and selected no salad but onions the kebab would come in a large box with a big side of onions that I like to mix into my kebab and pour over my garlic sauce so I was disappointed when the kebab came in a small container with no onions and no sign of the garlic mayo definitely not your usual standards or worth the £7.50 price tag. The cheese burger was great cooked to perfection and my son said it was very tasty, first time in awhile he has cleared his plate. I appreciate that you will be very busy tonight and sometimes things get forgotten, I just thought it is always good to get some feed back good or bad. Thank you all the same. Email:

Clair, 01 May 2020

  Reply : Am sorry to hear this. I think what has happened is that we have mixed you chicken kebab with another order. And we are sorry for this . We have your details so next time you would like to order just call us we will sort something out .

great, very easy and we love this chippie so very happy

Ronnie, 01 May 2020

  Reply : Thank you nice to hear feed back

Always a good feed

Chris, 24 Apr 2020

  Reply : Thank you happy you like it

Great Food & Value for money With friendly staff! Only disappointment was wee one wanted a deep fried mars bar but on clicking not able too purchase one for her.

Sharon, 23 Apr 2020

  Reply : I'm happy you liked or food .Next time just give as call and we can add anything you want for your order .

good food quick service

John, 11 Apr 2020

  Reply : Thank you

Excellent quality, service and not forgetting the quantity of everything especially the fish, I usually buy fish and chips and get lots of chips every 2 weeks or less and will always buy from Central Fish and chips.

Irene Silliman, 29 Mar 2020

  Reply : Thank you for your review and we hope to see you again

Lovely Food always hot and fresh.

Sharon, 20 Mar 2020

  Reply : Thank you

How do I use my loyalty points

Graham, 14 Mar 2020

  Reply : You can use them online when you order food


Laura, 01 Mar 2020

  Reply : thank you

Ross, 01 Mar 2020

  Reply : thank you

Didn’t have to wait to long, food was really tasty and made just as we asked.

Darren, 25 Feb 2020

  Reply : we are happy you enjoyed your meal that's why we are here for costumer to enjoy or food

Pizza was fantastic

Sheila, 30 Jan 2020

  Reply : thank you sheila enjoy

Another great takeaway from central :-)

Sam, 26 Jan 2020

  Reply : thank you welcome any time

Great service tonight, as always. Great food too

Sheila, 24 Jan 2020

  Reply : thanks sheila happy to serve you againg

Great service

Nicole, 15 Jan 2020

  Reply : thank you welcome againg